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Google begins posting I/O Bytes playlists on YouTube

Working to offer as much content as possible coming out of Google I/O, the official Google Developers YouTube page has just put up four different playlists with “I/O Bytes” videos grouped into four categories. For those wanting to learn about the latest from Google on Design, Android, Wearables and Chrome from a development point of view, look no further. Each playlist brings together a handful of five to ten minute videos to bring you up to speed.

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Reuters: YouTube to debut paid music service


With recent criticism that YouTube’s current free video website might block music videos from labels that do not agree to its terms, the Google subsidiary said Tuesday that it plans to launch a paid streaming music service.

YouTube did not comment on the matter, except for stating the service would provide new revenue for the music industry.

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YouTube confirms paid music service, intends to block holdout labels’ videos ‘within days’

After Amazon announced Prime Music last week, YouTube is following suit by confirming its own paid music streaming service, which will debut sometime over the summer.

YouTube live events can now be streamed to Chromecast via mobile devices

Google let Chromecast owners can enjoy YouTube live streams as they happen through a PC, but now the company has enabled this feature for mobile devices too. Simply browse to a live stream in the YouTube app and hit the cast button, which will work its magic in the usual way. While the functionality has only just been announced, Google notes it ‘soft-launched’ the feature a little while ago.

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Sony releases Live on YouTube app for Xperia devices

Sony has just released an app exclusive to Xperia devices called Live on YouTube, which does exactly what you expect it would. Users can boot up the app and start a live video stream from their Sony smartphone’s camera, keep tabs on how many viewers and likes they have, as well as share links to the online broadcast to anyone they think would be interested.

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1080p and 480p streaming options added to latest YouTube app

Last week we told you that a change in the latest YouTube app allowed better control over the resolution when streaming, and now two new (and requested) options have been added — 1080p and 480p streaming.

YouTube v5.7 debuts with streaming quality picking


After updating Hangouts, Google gives some love to YouTube as well. YouTube gets yet another great and long-awaited feature in the newest update. Choose the quality of your YouTube video stream.

This feature is long overdue if you ask me. Every time I watch a YouTube video via mobile data I wish I could see exactly in which quality is video being streamed. You might  [Read More…]

YouTube update allows users to select streaming quality

Google had just pushed out an update to the YouTube app to allow you to choose your video streaming quality on the fly. Now, with the update, you can choose if you want your videos to stream at 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, or an auto mode that detects your connection. It seems that an option for full 1080p HD isn’t available as a selection, however.

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Watch YouTube videos while using other apps with Viral Popup [App of the Day]

Viral Popup

Google’s stock youtube player is great, but if that app leaves you wanting more look no further than Viral Popup (Youtube Player).

Viral Popup is a full-featured Youtube player designed for phones and tablets.  It has a familiar user interface and all the usual options that we have become accustomed to when using the stock app, but that’s where the similarities end.

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YouTube aims to help content creators with Creator Preview project

If you’re out there creating original content and putting it on YouTube, Google wants to help you do it even better. As announced on the YouTube Creator blog today, a Creator Preview project has been launched based on the idea that those who create content want to know more about what’s in the works.

In addition to what’s highlighted in the video above, YouTube has laid out some of the features they’re currently working on to get added  [Read More…]