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Download and install the latest Google Search 3.6, Google Play Music 5.6 and YouTube 5.9 apps manually, if you’re willing to wait that is [APKs]

google updates_4343

Google Search, Google Play Music and YouTube all got updated by Google. Versions 3.6, 5.6 and 5.9 respectively. If you’re not willing to wait for updates to show up in your Google Play Store (if they haven’t already), you can find the download links at the bottom of the article and sideload them yourself. Let’s… Read more »

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YouTube update makes subtle changes to playlists

YouTube is picking up an update today to version, bringing a few different small changes to the way you interact with playlists in the app. First up is the display of playlist groupings across the app, where you now have an overflow button to save or share a list without tapping into it specifically. Each playlists now shows the number of items in the list as well.

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YouTube 101: How to change video streaming quality

This is how to change the streaming quality of YouTube videos on your Android device

There are several reasons you may want to change the streaming quality of YouTube videos. You may want to downgrade the video quality because you want to cut down on the amount of data watching the video consumes. Or you may want to upgrade the video quality because you want to see more detail. Just remember that the video quality will  [Read More…]

YouTube 101: How to sign in and upload videos from the YouTube app

YouTube is a great place to ‘broadcast yourself’ — and it’s super easy to get started!

Lots can happen when you’re out and about, and you may not want to wait until you’re around a computer to share it with the whole world.

YouTube has been part of Google since 2006. With that being the case, it would make sense that Google would make it as easy as possible to sign in and share  [Read More…]

How to filter restricted content in YouTube search results

It’s dangerous to go online alone. Take this.

YouTube is the world’s largest video site because it allows anyone to quickly and easily upload videos. YouTube is great for sharing family videos, reporting on things happening in different parts of the world, and so much more. While YouTube is great for most people, sometimes you’ll want to avoid the more explicit content that is uploaded. Luckily, YouTube has allowed you to quickly and easily  [Read More…]

Google Play movies, TV shows now streaming in YouTube app

Google has updated its back end so that movies and TV shows purchased through the Google Play store will now stream through the Android YouTube app under the Purchases section. As the change happens on the Google side, no app update is required on the user’s part to enable this feature on Android smartphone and tablets.

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Google shutting down Orkut in September, focusing on Google+, YouTube, and Blogger

Google is shutting down Orkut, its original social network. Google says that this is due to to the fact that Orkuthas been greatly outpaced by YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ across the world, where Orkut only ever caught on in a few countries.

YouTube Creator Studio app is live, lets you control your channel on the go

Google a few moons back promised its YouTube creators — basically anyone and everyone who’s got a channel to worry about on YouTube — a new app for managing said channel. Today, that app is live.

YouTube Creator Studio gives you an easy app from which you can see your analytics, edit video information and descriptions, and reply to comments. (Seriously, though, stay out of the YouTube comments.) You’ll also get push notifications by default.

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Google begins posting I/O Bytes playlists on YouTube

Working to offer as much content as possible coming out of Google I/O, the official Google Developers YouTube page has just put up four different playlists with “I/O Bytes” videos grouped into four categories. For those wanting to learn about the latest from Google on Design, Android, Wearables and Chrome from a development point of view, look no further. Each playlist brings together a handful of five to ten minute videos to bring you up to speed.

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Reuters: YouTube to debut paid music service


With recent criticism that YouTube’s current free video website might block music videos from labels that do not agree to its terms, the Google subsidiary said Tuesday that it plans to launch a paid streaming music service.

YouTube did not comment on the matter, except for stating the service would provide new revenue for the music industry.

“We’re adding subscription-based features for music on YouTube with  [Read More…]