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Google’s YouTube streaming subscription service is only weeks away


It should come of no surprise that Google is planning on turning YouTube into a music streaming subscription service, focused on remixes, concerts, and up-and-coming artists, since we’ve heard it before, but that may be happening sooner than expected.

Google’s YouTube service is expected to offer audio-only listening, as well as screen-off playback. The service is expected to be coming in the next few weeks  [Read More…]

YouTube invests in new content for creators


YouTube is easily one of the largest places, if not thee largest place, for the budding content creator to rise to stardom. It also allows a place for large corporations to display their latest works from music videos to movie trailers. But the heart of YouTube exists in the channels. And they know it.

YouTube announced on their blog on Thursday that they are once  [Read More…]

How to pair YouTube on a mobile device to a TV without Chromecast

Google enables couch potatoes everywhere to keep doing their thing

I can be one lazy bag of bones sometimes. My roommates and I are in our apartment living room, and one of us gets the urge to listen to Joe Walsh singing “Life’s Been Good” (hey, we may be college kids, but we do like the classics). My roommate’s PlayStation 3 is already on, so I fire up my phone and beam the song  [Read More…]

Google will allow users to download and watch YouTube videos offline in India

Alongside the launch of Android One smartphones, Google announced that it will bring offline capabilities to YouTube users in India, which would allow users to save videos offline and watch them anywhere, without the need for a data connection.

HomeTube gives you a kid-friendly launcher/app for YouTube videos

From the mind of Chris Lacy, one of our favorite Aussie developers and the brains behind ActionLauncher, LinkBubble and others, comes HomeTube, a devilishly simple app that gives you a quick and easy way to babysit your kids with your Android devices.

HomeTube’s sole purpose is to serve up kid-friendly YouTube videos in one place. It’s technically a launcher, so you can fire it up, set it as the default on a secondary profile on a  [Read More…]

Operation Clean Slate: clearing your history in YouTube

How to cover your tracks and clear your YouTube history

Your YouTube history is fairly easy to find and clear out if need be, but what about the search history? Do you want it to autocomplete to “red hot baby mommas” every time you’re looking for a Red Hot Chili Peppers video? Did you forget to switch accounts before handing it off to your little ones and now your recommendations are littered with  [Read More…]

Samsung YouTube video touts handwriting in Galaxy Note 4 teaser


Samsung, excited about its upcoming Unpacked event, has begun teasing its big reveal. A new video hitting YouTube called [Ready to Note?] Your Note for Handwriting highlights all of the benefits of writing things down instead of typing them out. We also see a number of ways in which writing can be implemented. Near the end… Read more »

The post Samsung YouTube video touts handwriting in Galaxy  [Read More…]

Plans leak showing Google’s YouTube streaming plan called ‘Music Key’


YouTube has been rumoured for a while to be exploring the music streaming business and it looks like plans for Google to make such a service happen have leaked early. Due to be called YouTube Music Key, the service is set to be aligned with a renamed Google Play Music Key, and will cost the… Read more »

The post Plans leak showing Google’s YouTube streaming plan  [Read More…]

YouTube Music Key rumored to bring Google Play Music All Access and more

Google is rumored to be working on some big changes to its music subscription program for Google Play Music All Access as well as for YouTube. Under a new YouTube Music Key program, Google is slated to roll out a new music streaming program that will also see its current Google Play Music All Access Access get rebadged to Google Play Music Key as well, aligning both products.

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This is the Android Central Podcast YouTube playlist

In case you missed the news earlier, we’ve decided to discontinue the standalone, downloadable video version of the Android Central Podcast. All that means is you won’t have a feed with which to download and watch the podcast offline.

We are still doing the Android Central Podcast. (We’re recording live again this Friday afternoon. I hope you join us.) And we still have video for those who actually like seeing us. You’ll just have to watch it online, on  [Read More…]