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This stunning 8K TV from Samsung has (almost) zero bezels

The price is unknown, but it definitely won’t be cheap.

What you need to know At CES 2020, Samsung is showing off an 8K TV with virtually no bezels. There is technically a bottom bezel, but it’s only 2.3mm. Samsung is expected to actually sell the TV, but there’s no word on pricing or availability.

CES is always home to all sorts of wild and whacky announcements, and one of the first we’ve seen for 2020 is  [Read More…]

Horizon Zero Dawn and more come to PlayStation Now

More games to try for a limited time.

What you need to know PlayStation Now has recently been receiving more recent titles. Today, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy were added alongside Overcooked 2. The two PlayStation exclusive titles will be available until April 7, 2020. You can grab PlayStation Now starting at $ 10 a month.

Any PlayStation Now subscribers looking for more new games to play are in luck, as PlayStation announced today  [Read More…]

A new job listing points to a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel in development

A sequel is likely in the works.

What you need to know Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-RPG developed by Guerrilla Games. The game released in February 2017 and was well-received, critically and commercially. A new job listing at Guerrilla Games indicates a sequel may be in development. You can grab the first game for $ 17 on Amazon.

While a handful of major PlayStation 4 exclusives are still on the way, such as The Last of  [Read More…]

Project Zero team finds bug in Pixel, Huawei, Samsung and other devices

An exploit of this bug was being used in the wild and allegedly originates from Israeli cyber intelligence firm NSO Group.

What you need to know Google’s Project Zero found the 0-day vulnerability in the wild. It affects a bunch of devices, including the Galaxy S7, S8, S9, and Pixel 1 and 2. Google’s already issued a patch, but manufacturers will need to push it out manually.

Google’s Project Zero security research team has reported a 0-day  [Read More…]

Here’s why Project Zero should to be split from Google

Project Zero would be just as great with less Google in it. Maybe even more so.

Project Zero is a Google initiative that tries to make sense of online security and find serious flaws and exploits in the products we use every day. They folks behind the wheel do an excellent job at this difficult task and have worked with the companies that make our phones and televisions and thermostats and anything else to keep us a  [Read More…]

Firewall Zero Hour is free for PlayStation Plus members this weekend

Firewall Zero Hour is free for a limited time, but only for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

What you need to know Firewall Zero Hour is exclusive to PlayStation VR. To celebrate one year after release, it will be free with weekend for PS Plus members. It is best played with a PlayStation Aim controller.

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Firewall Zero Hour’s release, is is free for PlayStation Plus members from August 28 until September 2. A  [Read More…]

PlayStation Hits adds Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh and more for $20

PlayStation is adding some of its most popular games to the summer lineup of PS Hits.

What you need to know PlayStation Hits is a collection of games available for just $ 20 each. PS Hits is getting Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, and more games this summer. These prices are available at most retailers.

PlayStation Hits is receiving a whole lineup of new games just in time for summer vacation. Each game will now be available for  [Read More…]

Take 30% off Anker’s uniquely designed Model Zero Bluetooth speaker

Turn it up.

The Anker Soundcore Model Zero portable Bluetooth speaker has dropped to $ 139.99 on Amazon thanks to a 30% off on-page coupon that takes $ 60 off its regular price. The Model Zero is a relatively new device that has only been around since November, and we have never seen a deal on it before.

The speaker is a “seamless loop of pitch black” that wants to capture your eyes as much as your  [Read More…]

Meizu Zero holeless phone lands on Indiegogo, can be yours for $1,300

Meizu Zero has zero ports and an exorbitant price tag.

Meizu made waves when it showed off the Zero earlier this month, with the phone lacking a speaker grille, charging port, physical buttons, or even a SIM card slot. All you get is a slab of glass up front with a unibody ceramic chassis. If you’re interested, the phone is now up for crowdsourcing on Indiegogo for $ 1,300.

The phone uses Meizu’s Super mCharge Wireless technology  [Read More…]

Announcing the Meizu Zero: the phone with zero ports and zero buttons

Removal of the headphone jack was just the first step in cellphone evolution. Now, Meizu has taken it full circle with the Meizu Zero removing all ports and buttons. Not only will you find no headphone jack, no charging port, but also no physical buttons on this device.

Instead, you are to rely solely on wireless technologies such as Bluetooth for audio, Qi wireless charging, and wireless file transfers. Meizu promises fast charging through an 18W wireless charger and even  [Read More…]