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Ive leaves Apple, ZenFone 6 review, Huawei keeping promises? [#acpodcast]

Andrew Martonik, Alex Dobie, and Jerry Hildenbrand talk about Jony Ive’s departure from Apple and what that means for the entire tech community, and Alex provides his review of the Asus ZenFone 6. Plus, the gang take a hard look at the various ways in which Huawei might be able to keep their Android update promise.

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This $28 smart charging cable knows when your phone is fully charged

Everyone uses their phone, but for some of us, our phones are our lifeline because they allow us to respond to urgent business calls and emails. Thus, many of us obsessively maintain a full charge on our phone. However, our phones aren’t meant to be at 100% battery all day, and maintaining a maximum charge is detrimental to their long-term battery life. That’s why you need a charging cable that will prolong your battery health, and this $  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: A change of climate means a change in device usage

A reminder that everyone around the world has different needs from the same devices.

Of all the things I expected to have to think about with a move from the lush green Pacific Northwest to sunny Southern California, I didn’t consider reworking most aspects of how I use my various electronics.

The Bose QC35 headphones I love so much? Well, those don’t work so well when I’m wearing sunglasses everywhere I go. And they really don’t work  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7 Pro gets a $100 price cut, current owners can get cashback

This takes the 7 Pro down to a more reasonable price for our neighbors to the north.

What you need to know OnePlus is reducing the price of all OnePlus 7 Pro configurations. Canadian 7 Pro owners are eligible for a cashback for phones puchased at the original price. Puts the new price range on the 7 Pro at $ 899-$ 1009, from $ 999-$ 1119.

Technology usually costs a little more up north, but the price  [Read More…]

Google preps Fast Share, an AirDrop-like replacement for Android Beam

Fast Share is up and working for a few users so far.

What you need to know Google appears to have a working replacement for Android Beam that’s almost ready for launch. The new system is somewhat similar to AirDrop and the current Nearby feature. System seems to be 1-to-1 transfer only at the moment, but looks compatible with Android phones, Chromebooks, iPhones, and even Smartwatches.

Android Beam is on its way out with Android Q, that  [Read More…]

Charge on the go! Here are the best car chargers available

Whether you’re making an all-day road trip or just your normal half-hour commute, in the car is the perfect place to top up during your drive. After all, your phone should be stationary in a car mount for Android Auto or stowed away so you’re not tempted to use it while driving. Car chargers come in many styles and shapes, but with the advent of USB-C Power Delivery charging, we have a widely used standard that can be used for  [Read More…]

Motorola has let me down for the last time

The last-minute switcheroo with the Z2 Force is the last straw — I won’t recommend a Motorola phone to anyone now.

If you’re ever in the mood to think about a “how the mighty have fallen” story, you need to look no further than Motorola. The company used to be at the forefront of technology in everything digital, but buyouts, restructuring, and eventually becoming another OEM nameplate has left Motorola little more than a memory that old  [Read More…]

The WONDERBOOM portable Bluetooth speaker is pool-ready and down to $50

Ultimate Ears’ WONDERBOOM is a Bluetooth speaker that was designed to be brought just about anywhere. It’s super compact, very durable, and even waterproof. While it originally sold for $ 99.99, today you can snag the Lilac-colored model at Best Buy for only $ 49.99. That’s one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for one; they normally sell for just under $ 70 on average at Amazon. Best Buy offers free shipping with its purchase or free in-store pickup  [Read More…]

Amazon adds a Live tab to Fire TV

It puts all the live shows from your favorite services — and antennas — all in one place.

What you need to know Live shows will get better placement on the busy Amazon Fire TV home screen. It’ll work with OTT services as well as channels over an antenna. The Live tab lands in the United States first.

Prime Video might be Amazon’s bread and butter when it comes to Fire TV, but the company finally has seen the  [Read More…]

Want to connect your PS4 headset to your phone? Let us help.

Best answer: Yes. Most headsets these days can be used on multiple platforms including your phone. However, you may need to pick up an adapter to make it work.

By the brand: PS4 Gold Wireless Headset ($ 75 at Amazon) Connect to your phone: Female Adapter USB to USB-C ($ 9 at Amazon) PlayStation Wireless & Proprietary Adapters

So, you want to use your PS4 headset with your phone. No problem! Included with the PS4 Gold and  [Read More…]