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Shawn Layden leaves SIE, no longer chairman of Worldwide Studios

Shawn Layden is departing Sony Interactive Entertainment and will no longer be the Chairman of Sony Worldwide Studios.

What you need to know Shawn Layden was the Chairman for Sony Worldwide Studios As Chairman, he helped manage and focus on the content and games that Worldwide Studios produced Today, the official PlayStation Twitter account announced that Shawn Layden was leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The official PlayStation Twitter account has announced that Shawn Layden is leaving Sony Interactive  [Read More…]

Ubisoft details the day one patch for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

As promised, Ubisoft has fixed a heap of stuff between the beta and general release.

What you need to know Preloaded games will have a sizeable day one patch. Anyone downloading after launch will have it included. Fixes a ton of bugs across PC and console. Early access for Gold and Ultimate edition buyers begins October 1.

As the Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers start going live for the early access period, Ubisoft has detailed its fairly hefty  [Read More…]

Here’s when you can dive into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Early Access

Ready to take on the Wolves? Here’s what you need to know about the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launch times.

What you need to know Ghost Recon: Breakpoint pre-loading is now live in all regions. Owners of the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition can access the game on October 1. The standard edition of the game is set for release on October 4. You can get Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for $ 50 on Amazon.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:  [Read More…]

This is our best look yet at Android 10’s upcoming Live Caption feature

The feature works offline and all audio as well as captions are processed locally.

What you need to know We have our first look at Android 10’s upcoming Live Caption feature. The feature can detect speech in media being played on a device and automatically generate captions. Live Caption will be coming to select high-end Android smartphones, including Google’s Pixel line this fall.

At I/O 2019, Google showcased a new feature called Live Caption, capable of adding  [Read More…]

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launch times announced

Here’s the times you should keep in mind if you’re eager to hop into the Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2 on October 1.

What you need to know Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the newest expansion for Destiny 2. Ahead of the expansion’s release, the official launch times have been revealed. Players are expected to be able to access Shadowkeep on October 1 at 1:00 p.m. EST, though it could take a bit longer due to maintenance. You  [Read More…]

Feel like you’re using the Force in Vader Immortal: Episode II

Vader Immortal II was announced during Oculus Connect 6 and is available now for the Oculus Quest.

Minor spoilers ahead for Vader Immortal: Episode II.

When ILMxLAB released Vader Immortal: Episode I on the Oculus headset, fans of the Star Wars franchise and VR fans celebrated by downloading the experience. The game quickly became one of the top-selling games for both the Quest and Rift S, and remains there at the time of this writing.

During Oculus  [Read More…]

Spotify now lets you add podcasts to music playlists

Mix and match your favorite music and podcasts.

What you need to know Spotify playlists now support adding podcasts. You can build a playlist entirely of podcasts or create a playlist featuring both music and podcasts. While you can listen to the playlists on mobile and desktop, currently you cannot create playlists with podcasts on the computer.

Spotify and playlists go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is one of the most popular features of the  [Read More…]

Eero Mesh vs Eero Pro: What are the differences and which should you buy?

Adaptable and affordable Eero Mesh

$ 99 at Amazon

Pros Two Ethernet ports Alexa support 2×2 MU-MIMO Beamforming More affordable Cons Dual-band Less coverage

This new Eero sets its target on the sub-$ 100 mesh router category. It stays focused on simplicity, beauty, and ease of use with great software and support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant. This is a great start or expansion to an Eero mesh network.

Speed and power Eero Pro

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The Nokia 7.2 is two cards short of a full deck

Nokia’s latest mid-ranger is a good value, but the increased competition give it a run for its money.

Last year, one of the best mid-rangers to be released in the U.S. was the Nokia 7.1. The Nokia 7.1 was unmatched in its $ 349 price tier, offering a feature and value combo that couldn’t be ignored.

A lot has changed since then, however. Samsung and Apple are inching towards “affordable” price points with devices like the Galaxy  [Read More…]

Google is giving away a free Home Mini to some YouTube Premium subscribers

Google is giving away free Home Minis yet again.

What you need to know Google is offering a free Home Mini to select YouTube Premium subscribers in certain regions. The company started offering a free Home Mini to some Google One and YouTube Music subscribers in Europe recently. Google Nest Mini, the rumored successor to the Home Mini, is expected to be launched on October 15.

If you happen to be a YouTube Premium subscriber and have  [Read More…]