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Xiaomi’s latest fitness tracker doesn’t look like one at all

The Mijia Quartz Watch doesn’t look like your average fitness tracker, but it is hiding a lot of smarts.

Xiaomi is known primarily for its phones, but the Chinese brand is the second-largest wearable manufacturer in the world. That’s down to its affordable line of fitness bands under the Mi Band label, but that’s not all Xiaomi makes. It introduced a full-fledged smartwatch last month, and over the years it has launched a few hybrid wearables, like  [Read More…]

Vodafone to donate books to UK schools to encourage social media kindness

A really great gesture to end the year.

What you need to know Vodafone has announced it will donate a copy of #Goldilocks to every UK primary (elementary) school in the UK. #Goldilocks is an updated fairytale that helps to educate young children about social media, especially the need to be kind. It was originally released in December of 2018 to very positive feedback.

UK carrier Vodafone has announced it will donate a copy of its #Goldilocks  [Read More…]

ToTok co-founder pleads with Apple and Google to reinstate its app

“We firmly deny this baseless accusation, and we are profoundly saddened by this complete fabrication that was thrown at us.”

What you need to know The co-founder of ToTok has taken to Twitter in a public appeal to Apple and Google. Giacomo Ziani posted a messaged on Twitter pleading with both companies to reinstate its messaging app. The app was removed from both app stores over concerns it was being used as a spy tool by the  [Read More…]

Two-factor authentication: Everything you need to know

What 2FA is, why it’s important, and why you should use it.

You see a lot of talk on the internet about two-factor authentication (or 2FA as it’s commonly called), and most of the time you just see people like us telling you to use it.

We’ll continue that trend and start this bit of prose by telling you to use 2FA whenever and wherever you can. However, we’re also going to let you know what it  [Read More…]

What to expect in the Android world in 2020: Foldables, 5G and more

Another year of Android fun awaits.

We just spent a considerable amount of effort covering all of the milestones of the past decade, but now it’s time to look forward to 2020. The Android world always keeps us on our toes with tons of variety and innovation coming from unexpected places, and the start of a new year gives us an opportunity to speculate where it’s all headed. These are the trends and changes I’m expecting in  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 9 starts getting stable Android 10 update with One UI 2.0

Only available for beta users currently.

What you need to know The stable Android 10-based One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy Note 9 has started rolling out. Currently, the update is being rolled out only to beta users in India. It is likely that the stable Android 10 update will be released for users running Android Pie within the next few days.

Just a month after opening the One UI 2.0 beta program for the Galaxy  [Read More…]

Does casting Oculus Quest games reduce battery life?

Best Answer: No. The Oculus Quest was built with a mobile experience in mind and, surprisingly, casting to a TV or another external device will not negatively affect battery life in any noticeable way.

Freedom of wireless VR: Oculus Quest (From $ 399 at Amazon) Keep playing longer: Anker Powercore 10000 ($ 30 at Amazon) How long will the Oculus Quest battery last then?

The Oculus Quest is rated to last around three hours on a single  [Read More…]

The new Eero mesh system is cheaper and easier to set up than ever

Eero is no stranger to the mesh router space. Its original mesh system, released in 2016, was one of the first to combine small, stylish design with an easy-to-use app that made home networking far less daunting — though it came with a hefty price tag that made it hard to recommend over similar options like Google Wifi.

A subsequent second-gen model later arrived with simpler Beacon access points that plugged straight into your AC outlets, but at  [Read More…]

What to look forward to in Chromebooks in 2020

For play, for work, or both, 2020 is looking like a good year for Chromebooks.

Chromebooks have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the early 2010s, but the last year and a half, in particular, has been quite the whirlwind. Affordable Chromebooks like the Lenovo C330 and now the Lenovo C340 have become the go-to laptop for a great and growing number of people looking for a laptop that can do what they need  [Read More…]

Google Duo is the best video calling service you’re not using

Google Duo has transformed into a robust video and audio messaging service.

Google’s messaging strategy has been an unmitigated disaster, with the search giant bouncing from service to service over the years as it tried to take on the likes of WhatsApp. Allo and Duo debuted in 2016 to lofty ambitions, but in typical Google fashion, both services were hobbled from the start. Allo didn’t have SMS integration, and there wasn’t a good enough reason to switch  [Read More…]