Last year, we reviewed 6 Android Shopping Apps for Black Friday and Beyond in an attempt to help you quickly and efficiently hit the mall (or web) to kick off the holiday season. Some of those apps are still great tools to have, but a few new contenders popped up to be your desired shopping app for Android Holiday 2011. Here are a few tools to load up now as you get ready for the shopping blitz kicking off this week.


ShopAdvisor is less about BlackFriday and more about long-term savings and comparison shopping. A user scans, speaks, or writes in the name of a product they wish to buy. Searching for an item, like a PlayStation 3, can return thousands of results, so the app provides options for filtering and sorting to find the right product. Shoppers can then compare how much the product costs and locate deals online or in their local store. But if you’re not ready to purchase at the moment, add it to a Watch List that serves a bookmark. ShopAdvisor will then alert you at a designated time (December 20, for instance) or when an item drops to a certain price you’ve selected ($ 200). The app is a great tool for shopping with confidence.

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Black Friday 2011-Smart Aisles

Smart Aisles will collect all of the Black Friday deals from major stores and have them posted within the app. Users can even plot their Black Friday course as the app shows a map with locations of places offering deals, then lists the specific products that are on sale.

Beyond Black Friday, Smart Aisles is a deal and coupon hunting app. It finds offers from local retailers and sorts them according to value, which takes into account current and former prices, as well as ratings and reviews for that product. Users can search for a product, refine with options, or mark a deal to be saved for later. The app isn’t very pretty, but it’s very efficient. Sign-up for a Smart Aisles account if you want to get personalized deals.

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Christmas List

The deals are great, but what about the people for whom you buy those gifts? If you need a way to track gift purchases and make sure you’ve taken care of everyone on your list, checkout Christmas Gift Planner. This app creates profiles for recipients on your lists, then notes how much you want to spend on someone or what specific items you plan to buy. It then updates when you’ve purchased a gift, tracks if it needs to be wrapped, and shows if you’ve gone over budget with one person or collectively. For a detailed, well-planned view of your Christmas shopping, this is a great app to have. Christmas List is free, but if you pay for the advanced feature, you will get the ability to scan a barcode to add a gift, email a list, and password-protect the app to keep the kids from snooping.

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Shopkick is a rewards and deals app that provides “kicks” when you visit certain retailers. For instance if you go to Best Buy enough, you may eventually earn enough kicks to exchange them for a gift certificate or discount at the store. Kicks are also earned for purchases and getting friends to sign-up for the service. An added bonus for Shopkick users is that you can link certain Visa credit or debit cards in order to earn a whole lot more kicks when you make a purchase. Link your Visa card to Shopkick and earn more kicks for each qualifying purchase you make at participating stores like American Eagle, Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, Target, Toys R’ Us, and more.

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GeoQpons is an Android app that searches for valid coupons that may be of use to you. Say you’re in Bed Bath & Beyond looking to purchase new sheets, but then you see that there’s a coupon for bath towels and shower accessories. You weren’t looking for those things, but it makes sense to take advantage of the deal that you would have otherwise ignored. GeoQpons lists coupons for stores in your immediate area and makes it possible to bookmark coupons for quick access or reminders about expiration dates. There’s also product search, barcode scanning for price checks, and a calculator to see how much you save.

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