A quick look at superficial features on an otherwise excellent phone

So this here is the Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One M8, a phone we’ve already crawled all over, inside and out. You know the specs. We know how good the 5-inch display is. We know just how good those “BoomSound” speakers are. We know how great the battery life is, how powerful the phone is, and how well the 4-megapixel — excuse us, UltraPixel — camera performs. We know the M8 has curves that might make Kate Upton take notice.

And we also know the M8 isn’t perfect. But it’s pretty much the most compelling Android smartphone available these days.

If you’re on Sprint, though, you now have a choice. You can get the HTC One M8 in gunmetal gray, or the HK version in black with champaign highlights.

That’s not all, of course. You’ll also get Harman/Kardon’s audio enhancements, instead of HTC’s “BoomSound.” Still need more? You’ll get a set of $ 150 earbuds in the box as well.

So the question still stands: Is this Harman/Kardon version any better than the original?

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