The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most popular imported devices right now. There’s already a ton of hype surrounding the quasi-tablet in the US, and with an official release right around the corner, the noise is bound to get louder.

Through various leaks and FCC filings, we’ve come to learn that the Note should be coming to AT&T along with maybe Sprint. Just yesterday, the AT&T Galaxy Note was confirmed for release by accessory manufacturer Anymode in a CES related email. Today, that information was retracted.

At this point, we’re positive the Galaxy Note is coming to AT&T. So when Anymode announced they’d been selected as the OEM accessory vendor for the AT&T Note, nobody was really taken by surprise. Except for maybe AT&T. We have no idea what happened after Anymode accidentally beat Ma Bell to her own announcement, but we don’t imagine it was pretty because today, Anymode has retracted their original statement.

The January 5, 2012 CES Media Alert titled “Anymode Introduces First Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note” contained inaccurate information pertaining to AT&T and the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The information was not provided by Anymode, AT&T or Samsung , nor did Anymode, AT&T or Samsung approve it.

The issuing party apologizes for the publishing of the inaccurate information and any inconvenience it may have caused.Anymodevia Email

The retraction doesn’t change the fact that the Note should be announced during the AT&T Dev Summit this CES, or that it should release sometime in February, but Anymode had to do it.

Is it still kinda funny? Yes. Even more so considering another AT&T Galaxy Note press render was leaked on the same day? Absolutely.

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