Acer Iconia A200

So a few quick thoughts on the Acer Iconia A200, now that’s it’s available in stores: Yeah, it’s yet another dual-core 10.1-inch Android tablet. Yeah, there’s a little more software lag than we’d like to see. Yeah, we’ve got wait for it to get Ice Cream Sandwich. Yeah, it’s not the thinnest tablet you’ve ever picked up. Been there, done that, right?

But absolutely do not write off the A200. For $ 350 for the 16GB model, you could do worse. Now, that statement might well change in the next 6 months, as ASUS has a 7-inch quad-core tablet on the way for $ 250. (Insanity!) But for today. we’re pretty impressed with the A200 after just a few minutes of use.

Most of what you see is pretty familiar. Honeycomb is Honeycomb. But Acer’s tossed in some interesting software improvements, including a lockscreen with quick-launch shortcuts, and a neat little “Ring” launcher that lives on top of the home screens, but only when you call for it to. It’s an interesting differentiator, and it’s nice to see a little work put into an otherwise interim version of Android.

Hit the break for our quick hands-on. And stick around for the end of the video for a little surprise.

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