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Android has some killer games on the way with the arrival of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Bladeslinger, Shadowgun and Riptide GP are just a few, but have you ever heard of Desert Bus? You don’t have to wait for a Tegra 3 device to enjoy the complete Desert Bus experience, it’s officially available now in the Android Market for just $ 0.99.

In case you aren’t familiar with Desert Bus, here’s how it works: you drive a bus, from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada, in real time, going a 45 miles per hour. And that’s all there is to it. If you complete the trip, which takes roughly 8 hours, then you get one point. You can also turn around and complete the trip again for another point. Eventually you may notice a rock, a sign or a bug hit the windshield, but for the most part it’s a long, straight road from Tucson to Vegas. And if you were hoping for some gorgeous scenery, well, the graphics are pretty bad. Like something similar to Rad Racer. But of course as you’ve probably guessed by now, the gameplay, plot and graphics are not the big story here. The big story is why Desert Bus has become famous in recent years, and why its release for Android is worth paying some attention to.

Every year, a group known as Desert Bus for Hope hosts a Desert Bus marathon where people place donations to see just how long the Desert Bus team can go for. All donations go to the charity Child’s Play, a foundation who uses video games to help kids in hospitals get through their rough time. The Desert Bus for Hope marathon is going on right now, where they’ve already cracked the $ 125,000 mark. If you want to participate, you can head over to and contribute, or you can use the Android Market download link below to purchase your very own copy of Desert Bus. It’s only $ 0.99, and all proceeds go to charity. If you decide to give Desert Bus a shot, be sure to let us know how far you can make it.

Desert Bus Market link

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