Filed under news we should’ve posted yesterday, we’re happy to announce that Android and Me is now available through Google Currents. You can find us by searching “Android and Me” or by directing your mobile browser to this link. I spent the extra day digging around inside the Currents Producer so I’ve got a few extra features to share with you.

And Me Current Edition

When you first launch Android and Me from your Currents Library, you’ll be greeted by a table of contents, cleverly titled Current Edition.

Inside Current Edition, you’ll find a large trending post along with a bunch of channels, like Latest News, Devices, Apps, Reviews, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and tweets from @androidandme. You’ll also find custom Currents that will change frequently, like Taylor’s Posts, The 25 Days of Tegra, and Galaxy Nexus Updates. Would you like to see another author? Or some different topics? Leave us a comment below, we’ll try to use your feedback when planning our channels!

The loyal reader will notice that we’ve styled Current Edition to look a lot like its older brother, the Android and Me mobile site. We still believe that our mobile site is the best way to interact on the go and we wanted to make sure everything felt familiar. You’ll notice the header bar made the transfer, along with touches of the new ICS typeface, Roboto.

Full length articles

If you’ll notice the number of dots at the bottom of this screenshot, you can rest assured that we haven’t trimmed or limited the length of our articles inside Google Currents. We like reading the full copy as much as the next guy and wanted to make sure nothing was left out. Along with the full copy, you’ll find all the post images and videos from the posts right inside Currents.

One thing we did notice was missing, though, was user comments. At this point, there’s no way to view or add them from the app. So we’ve added in a custom “View on Androidandme.com” button that will open the article in your browser, where you can comment and upvote to your heart’s content. Discussion has always been a cornerstone of our community here and we wanted to make sure everyone can easily jump into the fray.

Related Posts

After a bit of tinkering with the Producer markup, I was able to get a list of related posts with each article. At the end of each post, you’ll find a list of other posts that Google Currents thinks you’ll enjoy. At this point, I’m not exactly sure what the match criteria is (topic, author, date, etc) but the articles seem to be relevant so we’re rolling with it.

On that topic, we’re going to be attempting to add a lot more features soon. We wanted everyone to have a chance to subscribe to Current Edition now, even though things might continue to change. If you’ve got any ideas or if you’ve spotted another particularly sexy Current, let me know, I’m knee deep in Current code and hungry for suggestions.

Current Edition for Tablets

Not that it’s a feature of our Edition, per se, but I wanted to show you guys a screenshot on a tablet. Google Currents has full Android and iOS support, for both phones and tablets. It also syncs with your Google Account, meaning when you subscribe in one place, the content will follow you to all your other devices. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t downloaded Google Currents yet, you’ve got some explaining to do.

Once you’ve got Currents installed, you can add us by searching “Android and Me” or by clicking this link with your mobile device. Once you’ve got us added, have a look around, take some notes, then come tell us what you think. If you’re really committed to the cause, we totally wouldn’t mind a celebratory tweet or three:

PS: For the webmasters/developers in the crowd, I wrote a longer, more technical summary of my Google Currents findings, including importing WordPress feeds, creating a custom header, and all the other stuff I’ve described here. Enjoy!

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