Just two days ago, Adobe announced that they’d be abandoning Flash Play for mobile devices, like Android tablets and phones, and instead focusing on HTML5 and Adobe Air. In the announcement for the move, it was revealed that one more major update was coming. Beyond that, there will be some security fixes every now and then but that’s it. Today, that final update was pushed.

Other than being the final Flash Player update for Android, there’s really only one stand out addition to Flash Player 11.1. Deep down in the change-log on Adobe’s website is the mention of NVIDIA’s Tegra 3. Before Adobe went ahead and packed up shop, they made sure that the last release of Flash Player was compatible with 1080p video playback on Tegra 3 devices. When the Transformer Prime finally launches, there shouldn’t be any issues with Flash if you download it from the Market.

There’s also mention of a critical Galaxy S II audio patch, along with a handful of other security and bug fixes, but that’s all she wrote.

Adobe may be done with major updates for Flash for Android, but they are by no means done with providing services for the platform. The abandonment of Flash Player for mobile is seen as a good thing by many, allowing Adobe to move forward and place more attention on the web technologies of the future. Sure, this is the end of Flash Player for Android, but Adobe is really only just getting started.

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