Adobe Revel

Private photo sharing app syncs with Photoshop Elements, as well as friends and family

Adobe has finally brought their Revel app to Android. Available on iOS since 2011, the app has become a favorite way to share photos with a select group for quite a few people with Apple products. Now Android users can join in the mix.

The app is very much like the old Pool Party app, which was itself a precluder to Google+ image galleries in a shared folder for Hangouts. You build an album, add the people you want to be able to participate, and everyone can upload and enjoy each others photos. There are some rudimentary editing tools on board, which is handy, and the app is also integrated with Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12, giving users an easy way to upload pictures and video they have edited on the computer to the cloud for easy sharing.

We imagine anyone who has needed a solution for this problem has already found one of the many others available in Google Play, but if you’ve been waiting for Revel, you now have the fully featured app for your Android.

Source: Adobe


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