ADzero, world’s first bamboo smartphone, to hit China and the UK this year

While most smartphone manufacturers are battling to make their devices thinner and lighter by incorporating all kinds of different metals onto the design, a British university student has found the easiest and most eco-friendly solution to building a light phone.

The ADzero is set to be the world’s first ever smartphone built out of bamboo and, even though it looks like a concept with zero chances of becoming reality, it is actually nearing its official release. Looking original and quite elegant if I may say so, the ADzero will supposedly run Android, but other than that all hardware and software details are kept under wraps.

Set to be ‘’approximately half the weight of an iPhone, while boasting a larger screen’’, the ADzero might well rock the entire technology market, but could also prove to be an enormous flop.

The smartphone’s design is elegant in my view, as I already mentioned, and I appreciate the using of a single piece of organic bamboo, but I wonder if this kind of gadget could be made high-tech enough to draw attention from pretentious technology geeks.

I mean, there’s a rear-facing camera we can see from the first official photos, but what about the processor, the screen and the software? Will those be satisfying enough? Also, think about what could the mass production of such a gadget mean for the Asian culture and also for the ecosystem! Wouldn’t there be a problem in cutting up bamboo plants for something other than building materials and food?

Well, those are all legitimate questions and we’ll probably find out the answers soon enough, but for the time being let’s just enjoy the first pics of this cool and original new smartphone set to be released this year, according to official statements, in China and the UK. And who knows, maybe this’ll come to the US also soon enough…



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