Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, has come and gone, leaving many victors and losers in its aftermath. Waffle maker riots may have been the hot topic of the weekend, but now that things have calmed down, manufacturers and retailers are starting to talk turkey.

While they won’t release any specific numbers, Amazon has made it abundantly clear that their Kindle family of devices was a huge winner this weekend, with the Kindle Fire leading the charge. According to a press release put out by Amazon, the online retailer sold four times as many Kindles this Black Friday compared to last year. When it comes to the Kindle Fire alone, Amazon says the device has been their best selling product across all of Amazon for eight weeks running.

The Kindle Fire is also doing well in retail stores like Target and Walmart. Target, who sells a wide variety of tablets including the Apple iPad, said that the Kindle Fire was their best selling tablet this Black Friday. (Unadvertised deals could have certainly helped atribute to those sales, but apparently they’re few and far between).

Once some official sales numbers are released, we’ll really be able to put the success of the Kindle Fire into context. Until then, let us know if you bought a Kindle Fire this Black Friday in the comments below.

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