Amazon and Google Music sales yield big discounts

The holiday season is being very kind to music lovers. In recent weeks, Google dropped the price on holiday music songs, and then later put practically its entire music catalog on sale. It turns out that Amazon is doing the same.

The Amazon MP3 Store has millions of albums, new and old, on sale for only $ 4.99. The entire store isn’t on sale, but there is a sizable number of albums – 259,736, to be exact – that can be had for only $ 4.99 or less. So if you’ve been meaning to purchase new records from Childish Gambino, Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, or The Roots. now might be a good time to spend that leftover holiday cash.

I went to and saw most MP3 albums on sale. Then I remembered that towards the end of the calendar year, Amazon puts its best-selling albums on sale, and many new releases get the same price. Open up the Amazon MP3 app and there’s a New Release section highlighting all the albums that can be purchased for a fiver. (Albums marked “Website only” must be purchased from the desktop site.)

Just like Google Music, songs are on sale for only 49 cents. The difference between the two stores is that not as many songs have been dropped at Amazon, but there are more albums to choose from. Browse both stores and bulk up your music collection while you can.

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