The Amazon App Store is probably the most popular third party Android app store out there. App selection is great, and the free app of the day definitely makes mornings a little better. Amazon hasn’t been known for paying attention to UI detail, though, but that’s about to change. Amazon has updated its App Store to version 2.0.

Aside from bug fixes and a performance boost, improvements mostly consist of UI and settings tweaks. The Amazon App Store now looks more in line with the Amazon Kindle Fire’s UI, which has more shades of dark grey. Amazon’s $ 200 tablet will be hitting the streets next week, and we wouldn’t want the App Store to feel incongruous, right?

The look is not the only thing that’s been improved, though. The new app store also has a better variety of options in the settings menu. It’s now easier to enable/disable in-app purchases and set up parental controls. You can also check gift card balances, as well as claim new gift cards.

Check out the new version of the Amazon Appstore if you haven’t already. It definitely feels much smoother, and the look is not displeasing us at all. It should look great on that Kindle Fire many of you guys are purchasing! If you haven’t been using this app, go ahead and set yourself up at Amazon’s site. Enjoy!

Check out the screen shots below and let us know what you think. How are you guys liking the update?

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