One of our twitter followers, WWJoshDew, shared a picture with us via his twitter account of an email he received from Amazon’s customer service team. Apparently, Amazon sold out of the Transformer Prime so fast that they outsold their pre-order stock. As a result, Amazon is contacting some customers advising them that their preorder has been cancelled.

Amazon is citing lack of availability from suppliers as their reason for cancelling orders, and advising these customers who have had their preorders cancelled to go to another retailer to preorder the Prime in time for it’s mid-December release. Most other retailers are also sold out, however, leaving those with cancelled orders out in the cold.

WWJoshDew had ordered the 32GB Amethyst Gray version of the Transformer Prime, though we suspect this supply issue affects all 4 Transformer Prime SKUs. See Amazon’s full cancellation notice in the following snapshot:

Update: Amazon responded to Josh re-iterating that their supplier told Amazon that the Transformer Prime “was no longer available,” even though we know it’s coming later this month. See their updated response here.

Update 2: Another twitterer Criddar let us know that he tried to change the shipping speed on his preorder to 2-day shipping, and was informed his tablet would arrive around January 18th, 2012. Hopefully we aren’t seeing another delay to the Transformer Prime, which is set to launch on December 19th.

Update 3: Gamestop is contacting their customers and informing them the Transformer Prime will launch December 19th. That might be your best bet to pick one up in person on launch day. [via Phandroid]

Anyone else out there have their pre-order cancelled by Amazon? Let us know in the comments.

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