Kindle Fire

For the past week now, sales numbers and estimates have been coming out of the woodwork that show the Kindle Fire dominating holiday sales. The Kindle Fire was the best selling device on Amazon for Black Friday, and the tablet also bested the iPad 2 at both Target and Best Buy. And this is only the beginning.

According to a note from Evercore Partners analyst Robert Cihra, Amazon is well on the way to capturing half of the entire Android tablet market by next year. With the continued success of the Kindle Fire, and some Fire variations in the works, Cihra says “Amazon’s success may just vaporize other ‘for profit’ Android tablet OEM roadmaps,” leaving Apple as the only real competitor to the online retailer.

While this time may still be a ways off, it’s a very real possibility that should have Android manufacturers reevaluating their tablet strategies. Of course right now, a tablet like the Transformer Prime is the way to go if you want Android and need a certain degree of power and functionality that the Kindle Fire doesn’t offer. But the release of a 10.1-inch Fire might take that advantage away from ASUS and other similar manufacturers.

What do you think, if Amazon released a 10.1-inch tablet that offered similar specs and capabilities as something like the Prime for around $ 300, would you buy one? I know I would. For that kind of price you really couldn’t go wrong, and I’m sure millions would agree.

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