Voice control is the latest trend in mobile computing. Even though it’s been available for years now, with Google pushing the boundaries of what your voice can do, Apple has taken voice front and center with the arrival of Siri. Google is expected to introduce some sort of “personal assistant” of their own on Android, but they aren’t the only ones.

They aren’t making any noise about it, but Amazon may be quietly working to bring forward a Siri competitor of their own. Recently, the Washington based company bought up the voice-to-text focused company Yap. Neither company will confirm the acquisition, and Amazon’s name isn’t listed in the details, but “Dion Acquisition Sub” and the “Surviving Corporation” are. Two companies who both just so happen to share’s office address.

Exactly how Amazon would use Yap for upcoming products has yet to be uncovered (whether they’d head towards personal assistant or a simple microphone icon on the keyboard), but you can bet the purchase is a direct response to the voice integration trend sweeping the mobile landscape. Will Amazon use Yap in future tablets and phones? How about e-readers or the Kindle Fire? We can’t wait to find out.

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