Alexa is flexing her way into every space in your home.

What you need to know

  • The Echo Flex is now available and shipping for $ 25.
  • Echo Flex accessories like a nightlight and motion sensor are also now available for $ 15 each.
  • The Echo Flex is a plug-and-play Echo for any space and is the cheapest Echo device.

Amazon announced dozens of new products back in September at its annual event, and arguably the most interesting (and the one that flew the most under-the-radar) was the Echo Flex. The Flex is a smart plug-like device that you can plug directly into any standard wall socket for instant access to Alexa services. It has a small microphone and speaker so you can communicate with the virtual assistant, and it comes with a USB port so you can charge smaller devices (like your smartphone) through it.

The Echo Flex is conceived as a device that you would put in transitional spaces where you might want Alexa functionality but where traditional Echo speakers don’t make sense, like a utility/laundry room, garage, guest bath, or hallway. You can also enhance the functionality of the Echo Flex with a motion sensor or nightlight attachment, each available separately for $ 15 per attachment.

The Echo Flex is the cheapest Alexa-enabled speaker that Amazon makes, and when paired with these attachments, it is arguably the most functional. These should sell like hotcakes during the holiday season, and will make great stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts!

Alexa flexes hard

Amazon Echo Flex

$ 25 at Amazon $ 25 at Best Buy

Plug and play Echo device

The Flex is Amazon’s way of putting an Alexa speaker anywhere with a plug, letting you ask for things in your hallway or wherever a speaker can’t fit.

Echo light up my room

Thirdreality Smart Light for Echo Flex

$ 15 at Amazon

A bright idea for Alexa

This attachment is a great complement to the Echo Flex to light up darkened hallways, garages, or utility rooms.


Thirdreality Motion Sensor

$ 15 at Amazon

Put your Echo to work for you

Attach this motion sensor to your Echo Flex to trigger your smart lights or other Alexa routines with just your movement.

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