I’ve belonged to for a few months now, and while there are a few free alternatives, it is by far the best and most helpful site in researching your family tree. They have finally released a beta app of their website which I’m guessing a lot of people have been waiting on. They’re website holds a ton of information. There are forums, census records, helpful hints, pictures, everything. So what exactly is this app right now, and what can we hope it will become?

As with all beta versions (except maybe Minecraft), the Ancestry app is lacking in the features department, but the polish is there. All you can really do with the app right now is view your tree along with pictures and relationships. It looks great and flows wonderfully. You can already view tons of information about your ancestors like birth and death dates, siblings, and any consensus record information. Ancestry has taken a great first step with a clean UI, but there are a few features I’m still looking forward to in the final release.

Again, one of the best features of is its vasts amounts of information at your grasp. I hope they add the forums so you can actually communicate with relatives you never knew but can give you all the information you need. I love the hint leaf that tries to give you more information about anyone from the simplest date. And edits, we all know they’re coming, but they’re essential. The app also defaults to the oldest child instead of showing a list of all a person’s children which is a bit annoying since my father is the third child, and I have to go into my grandfather’s page and change the view.

Genealogy is an awesome pastime, and a lot of people pay good money to learn their ancestry. Ancestry’ app has taken a great step for mobile genealogy viewing and for striking up a good conversation with other enthusiasts.

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