The US HTC Flyer is finally getting its Android 3.2 update from HTC. According to several different reports, the Honeycomb update for the WiFi and 3G HTC Flyers started rolling out late last night. The upgrade from Android 2.3 should bring US HTC Flyer owners in line with what European Flyer users have been enjoying for quite some time. The HTC Flyer Android 3.2 brings with it better support for HTC Scribe.

While it’s always exciting to hear about new updates (even though the update was promised more than eight months ago), we’re also sad to report that Best Buy is no longer carrying the WiFi HTC Flyer. We’re assuming that Best Buy’s price drop of the HTC Flyer back in October was meant to burn through excessive inventory in order to make room for HTC’s next tablet offering expected to make its debut at Mobile World Congress in February.

With Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) already in the wild, we can’t help but wonder how long it will take HTC to send out the next update for the device. If HTC keeps things moving at the same pace, Android 4.0 for the HTC Flyer may be available by July of 2012.

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