If you thought that 700,000 daily Android activations was an impressive number, you’re in for a treat. Andy Rubin has just announced via Twitter that there were 3.7 million new Android devices activated over the Christmas weekend. To put that in perspective, that number is two and a half times higher than the average day. Unfortunately, the numbers are not broken down by OS version, so we don’t know how many of those Android devices are tablets vs smartphones. We’re hoping that the holiday season will help give Android tablets a slight surge and help Android gain some market share in the tablet segment.

Speaking of tablets, because of the way Google reports activations, we also don’t know how many non-carrier branded devices such as the Kindle Fire were activated over the holiday weekend. Since the Kindle Fire was the #1 selling (and most gifted) item on Amazon this holiday season, it’s possible that activations were upwards of 5 million on Christmas weekend alone.

Flurry has also released some numbers of their own, seemingly confirming Andy Rubin’s handset activation claims. They even went a step further and revealed that there were more than 392 million application downloads between Android and iOS over the same Christmas weekend, nearly double the 108 million baseline daily activations reported by Flurry in December.

Were you one of the lucky people to activate one of the 3.7 million new Android devices or are you impatiently waiting to see what manufacturers unveil at CES in a few short weeks?

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