Each week, Androinica.com does a weekly round-up of the best new and noteworthy Android apps. We scour the Android Market so you don’t have to. Below is a list of a few Android apps, games, and live wallpapers that may interest you. Click the “Install App” button to be taken to the Android Market page and get download links.

AMC Mobile

Android 2.1 or higher required

Did someone mention The Walking Dead? Well, then let’s take a look at the television network that produces a show not as good as the comic but still entertaining. AMC’s official Android app provides a lot of behind-the-scenes information and video for its shows. It doesn’t stream full episodes – with the exception of a few season starters – but it does show highlights, talked-about scenes, and five-minute videos of the cast discussing episodes. There are also blogs and schedules for its popular shows, allowing you to always know when they are coming on or what movie is playing on AMC at this very moment. There’s naturally a lot of horror and zombie movies being displayed at the moment. For fans of shows like Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, Mad Men, The Killing, and AMC in general, this can be a useful app for seeing more than what’s broadcast on TV.

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University of Phoenix Mobile

Android 2.2 or higher required

The University of Phoenix is a for-profit college that prides itself on being a university of the future that adapts tot e needs of its students rather than force students to adapt to the institution. So why the heck did it take so long for UP to release an application so its Android-wielding students could access discussions on the go, something its iPhone students have done for a while? Whatever the reason, the University of Phoenix Mobile app is now available to anyone enrolled in the online university. With it, students can rearm write and reply to class discussion forum threads; be alerted as soon as grades or posted, professors create a new discussion or send a message; and communicate with team members. According to its Android Market listing, upcoming features geared for faculty will improve the app further. For now, students can keep in touch with their peers and professors wherever they may be.

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Halloween Jack Live Wallpaper

Android 2.2+ required

Get ready for the spooky days coming up with this new Halloween live wallpaper. The Halloween Jack Live Wallpaper designs your homescreen to have a creepy jack-o-lantern with a witches hat greeting you upon unlocking the screen. The light inside the lantern flickers and lightning bolts pop-up now and then to add to eery feelings. Users can change the app to not display lightning, show lightning whenever they touch the screen, or turn off lantern embers. See a video demo at the Android Market page.

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Walking Dead Live Wallpaper

Android 2.1+ required

Speaking of wallpapers and spooky, who’s up for a little zombies action? The Walking Dead Zlango Live Wallpaper is another great option for making your home screen a tad bit freakier this Halloween. Zlango includes artwork from the highly-successful comic book series and has slow-moving zombies move across the screen in the 2D-motion style comics way. Sound effects make it sound as if the undead are growling at you and tapping on an area of a screen makes Rick send a shotgun blast to make them permanently dead. The sound is optional, but if you’re a fan of the comics, downloading this is not. Grab it now.

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