Forgive the delay but sickness and dedication kept me from recapping the best new Android apps the last two weeks. On the bright side, we did have some good Android app reviews and some fun things happen in recent weeks. Still, that’s no substitute for letting you know which great new Android apps should be loaded to your phone or tablet, so let’s get back to business with the latest edition of Android Apps Alert, our weekly recap of what’s hot.


Android 2.1+ required

Days prior to Google’s rumored release of additional streaming or purchasing features coming to Google Music, a different kind of music discovery engine debuted on Android. 8tracks is a music streaming service focused on sharing and recommending songs. Members upload eight or more songs into a playlist and then shares it with other members, who are able to stream that mini-mixtape on demand. Members can follow DJ’s who make the best playlists, see trending playlists, search for lists with certain titles or artists, and refine results according to genre.

The downside is that 8tracks doesn’t actually support creating mixes within the app. Sure, you’re more likely to upload songs from the desktop, but it would be nice to be able to mix things up whenever the mood strikes. Either way, 8tracks is a cool way to hear what others are listening to and discover what songs you should be playing.

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Myxer Social Radio

Android 2.1+ required, U.S. only

Facebook account required

Myxer Social Radio combines the worlds of social and entertainment by creating a platform that allows members to listen to music with their friends. Myxer creates a personal streaming room in which your friends – online or IRL – can listen to the same song as you, synced in real-time. The app also supports chat, so you can make comments about loving a particular part of the song or asking if anyone knows which artist sang the original song being covered. Myxer reminds me of because it creates a space where multiple can listen together. And like that other music streaming service, a Facebook account is required. Join Myxer Social Radio to create your own room and invite friends, or visit friends to hear more than 12 million songs. Once inside a room, give a thumbs up/down to let the room controller know what songs to play next. Or create your own Song Story to let others know why you love a certain song. Desktop version available at

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Android 2.0+ required

Android has no shortage of apps centered around food and restaurant recommendations. Eating, tracking, and sharing service Nosh recently updated its app in order to be more competitive with those many choices, as well as extend support to more countries. Nosh lists ratings for restaurants as well as dishes. The social network for foodies includes photos of – and ratings and comments on – the good and bad meals served. The latest update includes user profiles and activities to make it easier for members to interact and give feedback. There’s also Google Places integration for non-U.S. eateries, and a “Best/Worst Ever” listing of the favorite and most hated dishes.

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Android 2.1+ required

Google has pretty much wrapped-up the whole online video sharing market, but it’s not the only player in the space. Dailymotion, popular among Europeans and people looking to show soccer goal videos, released its Android app this week. Surprisingly, the app is pretty simple and good – if you can get it to work. Depending on your device, you may get “Not connected to Internet” messages or other errors. This is a problem according to several users, especially those with international Samsung Galaxy S2′s.

The app worked fine for me and was surprisingly good. The launch screen shows Staff Picks, Daily Virals (trending), and then categories like vlogs, funny, tech, people, and more. Long-pressing allows users to shift position of those categories, and hitting the “+” symbol adds more categories. Dailymotion members can log-in to favorite videos, and the app also supports the Android share feature to easily send links to other programs. The simplicity of the app makes this a great app to have for anyone who enjoys Dailymotion or wants a video community option other than YouTube.

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