The week is half over and that means the ref’s whistle just sounded and the first annual Android Bowl has officially reached halftime! If you have not been keeping up, we’ve paired with @NVIDIAtegra to give away three Transformer Prime tablets, complete with quad-core processing power and a keyboard dock to boot.

The bad news is that a bunch of you guys seemed to miss the theme- nay, the spirit of the first post. We’re just using the timing of the big football game to try to parallel a battle between Android brands. While some of you got this, most of you guys tweeted and commented about the actual football teams.

Not that we don’t love some football, but the Android Bowl is about Android. We’re looking to find the brands, carriers, and manufacturers that you guys most trust and enjoy. To play along, you visit the Edit account page and select a carrier and manufacturer. When talking trash and sharing the link, root for your Android team!

Halftime stats

To keep the ball moving, we’re going to share a peek at a few of the Android Bowl stats we’ve racked up so far. We’re not only tracking the number of users each team has, we’re keeping tallies of the actual score and rank of each user, allowing us to make some interesting comparisons.

For instance, even though Verizon is in the top carrier slot by number of users, the And Me Accounts belonging to team T-Mobile actually have a higher average rank. In addition to monitoring the top performers, we’re also keeping a close eye on the bottom of the pack. Motorola currently has the lowest average rank among manufacturers with at least 100 users, while some teams like Amazon don’t have even a single member (no Kindle Fire fans?).

We’ll be back at the close of the Android Bowl to share all the stats you guys created, but we thought halftime might be a good time to head to the locker room and rally your team. Bragging rights are at stake. Is your carrier or manufacturer going to come out on top? If you’d like to talk trash, make predictions, or try to convince your friend to join your team, we’ve left a preloaded tweet box below:

Oh yeah, and the free Primes?

We’re picking a winner from a random comment from each day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) who will receive a Transformer Prime, with dock, direct from @NVIDIAtegra. We already closed comments on Day 1, comments here will be live (if you’ve entered a carrier and manufacturer) until our next post comes on Friday. Break!

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