Mmmmm. Apps. We got some more here for you, so let’s hit the break together and take a look at our favorites from this week!


Sean Brunett – National Football Post (Free)



As the NFL season hits its midway point, it’s going to be increasingly more important to get mobile NFLinfo for your favorite team making a playoff run. The National Football Post app provides a great resource for news, analysis and fantasy information. You can find everything from opinionated columns deciding who will go all the way to the injury list for each team, which is very important for fantasy lovers. The National Football Post is a well respected website and they have done a great job translating their content to the mobile realm. Highly recommended for all you football fans. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand – Pocket Frogs (Free)

Pocket Frogs


A favorite from that other platform, Pocket Frogs is a great time waster.  Frogs, in a pond, that you Pocket Frogsbreed and raise as virtual pets — turns out this is a whole helluva lot of fun.  You start out with just a couple frogs, and a few dollars, but you quickly build up your ranks by taming and breeding frogs at the pond, or buying and trading them.  Pocket Frogs is part of the Mobage social game network, so you’re not playing in an isolated bubble.  Talk your friends or significant other into playing and it gets a whole lot funner.  There’s no real goal to Pocket Frogs, other than the Pokemon style “gotta get em all” rule.  You can “breed” frogs while in the pond to create different combinations, each with a different look, and the eggs are dropped in your nursery for you to take care of.  The game is beautifully done, and it’s addicting as heck.  It’s also free in the Market (requires Android 2.0 or higher) so give it a try. [Market Link]

Richard Devine – Repligo Reader ($4.99)



One of the many tedious things I have to deal with in my dayjob is PDF files galore. Even more so is having to make notes and alterations to them in a hurry. Repligo reader is a massive time saver for Repligome, and has saved me on more than one occasion. It isn’t free, but for people who will use it, it’s well worth the asking price.

In a nutshell it allows you to view and amend your pdf documents, and fill in forms. The editing tools include sticky notes, text boxes, drawing lines, cross outs, shapes, a wide range of options. It’s never going to be enough to replace a desktop PDF editor, but it’s full featured enough to do a good job when you’re out of the office. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca – AE (Free)


It seems like all the kids are buying their dungarees at American Eagle these days, so theAEintroduction of an AE app into the Android Market is sure to be exciting for a lot of people. From the app you can shop the latest fashions and check in on what’s on sale. If you’re already in an AE store, you can scan any item to add it to your wish list or to get more information, and the built in Style Mixer lets you mix and match tops and bottoms to see what an outfit would look like before you buy. The app is now available for free just in time for the holiday shopping season. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie – iSyncr Wifi (£0.69)


Yeah, I’m still using iTunes. And that means I still need some third party program to sync my music with my Android devices (because quite frankly, dragging and dropping files is for chumps). The original iSyncr is a great solution that works over USB, but sometimes you just don’t want the Wifihassle of having to dig out a cable and tether yourself to a desk for minutes at a time. That’s where the iSyncr Wifi add-on comes in.

The add-on upgrades iSyncr to work over a wireless network, allowing you to transfer your music through the ether to your Android device of choice. First you download the app to your phone or tablet, then install the iSyncr server software on your PC. In my experience, the process is quick and painless, and you’ll soon be sending your tunes to your phone or tablet through the ether. Dig deeper, and you’ll find a pretty impressive feature set, including automatic syncing, Amazon MP3 support and the ability to sync with multiple iTunes libraries.

The iSyncr Wifi add-on sells for 69p (~$1), on top of the £1.99 (~$3.20) cost of the original iSyncr app. There’s also a “Lite” version available that’s free, albeit with some limitations on how much stuff you can sync. [Market Link]

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