Android is still the top mobile operating system in the US, as it increases its lead over Apple’s iOS

If there was still anyone who thought that the battle for supremacy in the United States mobile OS market was close (or close-ish), the recent news we got from ComScore should make things clear once and for all.

Android increased its lead over Apple’s iOS during this fall and is getting closer and closer of controlling half the smartphone market. More exactly, according to the three-month report from ComScore ending in November, Google’s operating system now holds a cool 46.9 percent share of the total number of smartphone subscribers in the United States. That’s a 3.1 percent gain from August, which means that if this increase rate continues, by next Spring we might see Android powering half of the mobile phones in the US.

Apple’s iOS, while boosting its subscribers’ number with just over a percent between August and November, only has 28.7% of the total smartphone users in the US. RIM remains the third mobile platform today, but has gone down from holding a 19.7 percent share to a more modest 16.6 percent.

That’s still enough for a podium finish and should be enough in the near future as well, because Microsoft and Symbian are far, far away with just 5.2 and 1.5 percent shares in the smartphone market.

As for the mobile manufacturers, Samsung leads unsurprisingly with a 25.6 percent share and a slight 0.3 percent increase during the fall, while LG is second, close, but not close enough. The South Korean conglomerate holds a 20.5 percent share in the US and is followed by Motorola, with just under 14 percent of the total number of mobile devices today.

Apple has enjoyed a pretty important progress and is now very close of overtaking Motorola, with an 11.2 percent share, while RIM completes the top five, with just 6.5 percent.

If I were to look at these numbers as a whole and draw a couple of conclusions, I’d say that pretty much nothing has changed in the US smartphone market (at least not in a spectacular way), and that Google’s Android OS is set to remain ‘’king of the jungle’’ for a loooooong, long time… On the other hand, I must admit that Apple’s business is doing pretty well too and that Steve Jobs’ legacy seems to be in pretty capable hands after all.

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