Everyone has been trying to make sense of Google’s 10 billion app download milestone announced earlier this week. In between frenzied purchases of 10-cent apps to celebrate the achievement, Android owners and watchers have been wondering just how the heck Google managed to increase it’s download rate so rapidly.

Spoiler alert: the answer is lots of devices being activated and lots of apps being uploaded. Yes, it’s really that simple. When you put a lot of people together and offer them some good apps, the numbers tend to go up. The Android Market is now delivering 1 billion additional downloads per month, so we can reasonably assume that it will surpass 20 billion downloads served at some point in 2012.

Google has released an infographic detailing some interesting tidbits about Android Market usage across the globe. Unsurprisingly, games are the most popular category, accounting for 1 in 4 downloads. More interesting, however, is that the United States is not the top download source by capita. It’s actually fourth. The honor of most “App-crazed” nation goes to South Korea, which has more downloads per capita than any other nation. (Per capita is the number of downloads divided by the number of people.) Despite the United States clearly having a much larger audience than South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, those countries have download totals high enough to secure the top spots. If there population counts were as large as the US, Google probably would be touting several billion more downloads.

[Android Developers]

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