android phone name

I’ve spent my fair share of time poking fun at the crazy, ridiculous names manufacturers come up with for their Android devices, but I’ve never claimed to be this efficient at it.

An Android phone name generator has found its way online that makes even Samsung’s potential Galaxy R III Pro Plus LTE seem reasonable. With the simple press of a button, names from previous Android devices are jumbled together to make Frankenstein names ranging from sensible to insane.

My two favorite names that’ve come up so far are the HTC Galaxy Incredible Plus Pro G1 and the Motorola Nexus Black. The latter of those two would actually make a really good name for the next Nexus if anyone is out there listening.

To give the Android phone name generator a shot, just head on over to (easy enough, right?) and let us know what you come up with. We expect to see some crazy combos in the comments!

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