A bunch of screenshots of a new set-top box by Google has bubbled up detailing a new hardware and software system called Android TV. The idea here is to provide a framework for developers to create big-screen experiences in a sensible way. With a properly fleshed-out UI, Android TV looks like it will be aimed to compete squarely against Roku, Apple TV, and the recently-announced Fire TV. Android TV is probably better to look at this as a spiritual successor to Chromecast than the ill-fated Google TV.

Apparently developers are being actively approached, and the screenshots shot big hitters like Netflix, Hulu, and Vevo are already involved, as well as Google’s own properties like Hangouts, Play Movies, and YouTube. We had an inkling that something like this was in the works, and with any luck, we’ll get a closer look at this stuff at Google I/O.

Source: The Verge


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