Today’s survey statistics involve quite a deal of comic ‘relief.’ Not only are we dominating the smartphone market, but we’re also beating everyone in other fields. According to a couple of surveys, it seems Android users are most likely to use their phone while in the toilet and to have one night stands.

Smartphones & Toilets[1]

The first numbers come from marketing agency 11mark. This survey relates to the use of smartphones in the lavatory, and it seems Android users are the ones to do it the most. 87% of surveyed Android users admitted to using their smartphones while sitting on the toilet. We don’t happen to be much more prone to do this, compared to BlackBerry and iPhone users.

84% of BlackBerry users admitted to doing the same. iPhone users brought up the rear at 77%. As you can see, we’re all a bunch of smartphone kings, controlling our life from the throne. But it also seems BlackBerry users are most likely to answer calls while in the toilet; a whopping 75% of them say they’ve done so. This is a bit high compared to Android users at 67% and iPhone users at 60%.

It might also be interesting to note that there’s not much of a gender gap with this habit. The survey proves that men and women are almost as likely to fall in this category. 74% of men and 76% of women surveyed said this was something they did.

Smartphones & Relationships[2]

Now let’s move out of the restroom (unless you guys like to do the following there, too), and on to the bedroom. The next survey was held by (a popular dating site) and is about relationships and smartphones. (Survey held in Canada). In this survey, we Android users are categorized as “The Seducer.”

It seems Android users are the most likely to get close and personal on the first date. 62% of studs admitted that they’ve had sexual relations during the first night out. iPhone users stand at 57%, while BlackBerry users are lonely at 48%.

But just as we start loving quick, it seems we also stop loving quick ; Android users are also the most likely to have one-night stands. 55% of the participants admitted that this is something they have done before. And we’re also the ones most inclined to visit dating sites (72%).

It also seems iPhone users like having relationships within the workplace and like to call you right back the day after your first date. (Come on guys, some time to breathe can’t hurt!). If you’re the dreamer type, you might want to go with a BlackBerry user. 67% of these guys believe in love at first sight (and they’re more likely to get their drinking on on the first date – 72%).


These percentages make me wonder if Android users are much more likely to be single. The love life survey paints a picture of us as social butterflies looking for affection. I also wonder if we’re flirting with our significant others while in the toilet. Now that would make for a very intimate relationship.

What you guys think of this? Do you feel like you’re more comfortable with intimacy as these surveys suggest?


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  2. Via Venture Beat

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