Apple files lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringements on ten smartphones

With Android-powered smartphones and tablets becoming more and more popular each day, the guys at Apple are trying everything in their way to stop Samsung’s or Motorola’s emerging sales.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean coming up with new, exciting and innovative products, but filing up lawsuit after lawsuit with accusations of patent infringement. The latest such lawsuit has been filed in Germany and targets no less than ten Samsung smartphones, including very popular models like the Galaxy S Plus and the Galaxy SII.

The suit was filed in the Dusseldorf Regional Court and, according to court spokesman Peter Schuetz, cited by, is based on Apple design rights in Europe. This is not the first time, nor probably the last, when Apple opens a lawsuit against Samsung, but according to credible sources, the chances of Samsung being forbidden to sell the Galaxy S Plus or the Galaxy SII in Europe are slim, at best.

Aside from the smartphone lawsuit, it appears that Apple has started a separate litigation concerning five Samsung tablet computer models, including the 10-inch Galaxy 10.1 running Android Honeycomb.

The patent war between Apple and Samsung is far from over in other European countries as well, but also in Australia, where a ban was some time ago instated for a couple of Samsung manufactured gadgets, but quickly canceled after an appeal from the Korean-based electronics giant.

Getting back to the subject of the new German lawsuit, I would be interested in everyone’s opinions and I would like to know if there’s anyone who thinks that Apple has grounds for continuously filing lawsuits against Samsung or if they are in the midst of a true and classic ‘’witch hunt’’. Hit us with a comment and let us know of your opinion!


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