AppZilla for Android offers 40 apps in 1 for just one buck!

If you are a new Android user and you want to start loading up your device with useful apps, you might need a helping hand. This could come from AppZilla, a new pack that offers 40 apps in 1 at the extraordinary price of one dollar.

The AppZilla is available on Android Market starting today, but is not a new product all together, being available in Apple’s App Store for quite some time.

While not all 40 apps are useful or could be useful for any type of user, it’s practically impossible to not find one at least a couple of apps (if not a dozen) that your smartphone needs in order to run properly or just be the device that you want it to be.

Spell Check, Thesaurus, Language Translator, Password Generator, GPS Locator, LED Flashlight, Random Facts, Group Email, Currency Converter, Auto Camera are just a few of the basic, but useful and sometimes even vital apps that drew my attention from the 40 item list of AppZilla.

Some of these might come pre-loaded on some of your Android-operated devices and some of them might be found free separately. But the idea is that here, for just one buck, you get all of these without the hassle of looking up each one of them individually or maybe finding yourselves in a situation where you need such an app and you don’t have an Internet connection.

And that’s not all, because the Fossil Software developers, in charge of AppZilla, are promising a soon to come free update, which should add a bunch of new and useful apps to the existing 40. After all, the iPhone app is called AppZilla 90-in1, so I’d expect a similar ”treatment”.

If you ask me, that’s a pretty nice deal, which makes me wonder why in God’s name this wasn’t made available sooner for us Android geeks.


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