Are You Watching This?! sports app lets you swipe and play games on TV

RUWT? Sports has released a cool app in the Android Market called Are You Watching This?! The app lets fans always know exactly what’s going on in the world of sports, whether it’s overtime, a no-hitter, a close finish, a big upset, a huge rivalry or a deciding game with the playoffs on the line. The way this magical app works is by what the company calls the RUWTbot. The RUWTbot is a game-watching robot that watches every game, and every channel, and alerts you when to tune in, as it’s suppose to work at the most important moments.

Discussing the company’s new innovative sports app, RUWT Founder Mark Phillip said:

“Spring 2012 will be the busiest Q1 in sports history with a compressed NBA season, bowl games, March Madness and more. RUWT is the ultimate sports remote – you’ll never miss a game that’s exciting and you’ll never be teased with a game you can’t get.” He continued saying “It’s high time we reinvent the way we watch sports, especially for integrated living rooms. We’re creating an entirely new entertainment experience for the modern sports fan, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The best part about this app is the functionality which allows you to pair Android smartphones or tablets with the TV. Once your TV is connected with the app, you can change the channel with a single click or swipe. The only negative is its pairing limitations, so far it can only pair to Google TV, DIRECTV or TiVo.

If you want to give this app a shot on your Android smartphone, tablet or GoogleTV, head over to the Android Market here. Look at the embedded video below to see Are You Watching This?! in action.

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