Really, ASUS? You endear yourselves to the community by adopting the Prime name for your insanely powerful Tegra 3 tablet and then completely violate the spirit of it by locking the bootloader on the Transformer Prime?

According to the fine folks over at XDA-Developers the bootloader on the Prime is locked with 128 bit AES encryption. After all the hue and cry about this issue and the warm reception to the news that HTC was unlocking the bootloader on their devices, you’d think ASUS would have seen the light.

Obviously for most users this is irrelevant, as they will just happily use the device as ASUS intended. But you functionally change nothing for that group by making the bootloader unlocked/unlockable, and on the upside, you don’t upset the very vocal Android hacking/modding community.

You can hit up the source link below to follow the original thread over on XDA; the general consensus at the moment seems to be that appealing to ASUS publicly via Twitter (@ASUS) and the like is the best chance to get them to make a change. This thread is coordinating that effort.

Does this change anyone’s plans to pick up the Transformer Prime, or is that hardware just too good to pass up regardless?

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