ASUS Transformer Prime

The world’s first quad-core Android tablet could go on sale as early as next week, but don’t expect it to ship with Android 4.0. We were already expecting the Transformer Prime to be announced on November 9th and ASUS CEO Jonney Shih hinted that Ice Cream Sandwich would be coming to the EeePad family sooner than we thought, but a company Facebook posting (yeah I know) reveals that these devices will be upgradedable to Android 4.0.

ASUS likely could have delayed the launch of the Transformer Prime to make sure it shipped with Android 4.0, but my guess is they wanted it on sale as soon as possible to hit their 2011 goal of shipping 2 million EeePad tablets. Expect the Transformer Prime to be ready for purchase from online retailers in the coming weeks.

I know which Android tablet I’m getting for Christmas.

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