Transformer Prime

ASUS already told us about their Transformer Prime launch event on November 9, but many of us are still waiting to find out exactly when the world’s first quad-core Android tablet will go on sale in the US. According to the latest rumor from Fuad Abazovic of Fudzilla, we should expect to see the Transformer Prime go on sale “a few weeks after” the device is unveiled in Taiwan this week.

Fudzilla goes on to report that the Transformer Prime will be a priority product for the US market with other territories like “EU, Australia and probably even Asia” to follow at a later date.

Considering that we were first expecting Tegra 3 tablets in August (then September, then October and now November), I wouldn’t be surprised if “a few weeks after” actually translates into retail availability in December. Either way, those who are willing to spend the rumored $ 499 will be enjoying the fastest Android tablet this Christmas.

Who’s saving up for the Transformer Prime?

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