A new report out of the Financial Times today sheds some light on what analysts think of the T-Mobile AT&T merger, and it isn’t good.

According to the report, a large number of analysts put the probability of the deal passing at under 50%, with some going as low as 20%. No one thought the merging of two wireless giants was going to be a simple task, but the deal has been met with more opposition than originally expected.

The merger was supposed to be completed by March of 2012, one year after it was announced. Earlier this month, AT&T came forward stating that it would take more time than that, changing their projected timeline to the middle of 2012. The latest reports say that at the very least, AT&T will have to sell off some of the spectrum they’ll acquire from the merger if they want the deal to go through.

The lawsuits, delays, T-Mobile’s third quarter customer gains and analysts predictions (which are a little more helpful here than when trying to pinpoint release dates) mean one thing for AT&T: if they want this merger to go through, they are really going to have to work for it. But what does it mean for T-Mobile customers?

When talking about the merger, and what will happen between AT&T and T-Mobile, it can be easy to forget the kind of predicament T-Mobile customers are in. Speaking from personal experience, it’s hard to decide what to do when your future is so uncertain.

Even if I can just transfer my family plan of five lines to AT&T when the time comes, should I? Will there be some hidden fees later down the road that will come back to haunt me? Will I not be allowed upgrades anymore, or will doing so move me onto an AT&T plan that’s twice as much as what I pay now? I have been heavily considering buying a Galaxy Nexus from overseas, but if I can’t even use it in six months becuase I end up switching to Sprint, what’s the point? And what’s going to happen to all the people still signing up for T-Mobile? Do they know that soon enough, the carrier they just joined up with will be gone? Perhaps the biggest question of all, what will T-Mobile do if the merger doesn’t succeed?

Clearly, there’s far more questions than answers. And it puts T-Mobile customers in a tight spot. Even those that were ready to accept their fate as a customer of AT&T are facing more and more uncertainty on the possibility everyday. Customers of T-Mobile, what are your plans? Are you going to wait it out and see what happens next year, or are you getting tired of waiting?

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