If I were to construct a Venn Diagram of retro gaming aficionados and Android lovers would you find yourself in the creamy center?

If your answer is yes then I’ve got some excellent news for you as Atari Greatest Hits is now available in the Android Market for all the official 70s and 80s Atari gaming you can handle. (If your answer is no then why did you click on this post in the first place? Regardless, go watch the Modern Combat 3 trailer or something.)

The app itself is free and comes with Missile Command, but additional games will cost you either $ 0.99 for one of twenty-five game packs (four games per pack) or you can have all 100 games for $ 9.99. I’ll leave you to do the math on whether at least 10 of the offered packs tickle your buying bone.

Obviously the graphics are atrocious and the sound effects don’t rise to the level of something you would consider using for a ringtone these days, but that’s not really the point here. In terms of the sights and sounds Atari has managed to capture everything exactly as I remember it on the faux wood encased Atari that we had hooked up to an ancient TV in my basement as a kid. The big difference is the controls and it’s entirely possible that it is just me or my Thunderbolt, but I wasn’t really happy with the responsiveness of the controls in Missile Command. This is definitely one that would benefit from the game controller support that is coming in Android 4.0. Put this on a tablet with a real controller and you’d have yourself a really fun arcade setup.

I’ll drop the full list of game packs under the press release button below. Personally I was an Asteroids junky so I can definitely see picking that up and maybe Centipede. I’d be interested to hear what your favorites are on this list, I probably missed out on some good ones as a kid since I just inherited my older brother and sister’s collection.

Show Press Release


Asteroids PK
2.Asteroids Deluxe
3.Asteroids 2600
4.Canyon Bomber – MP

Battlezone PK
2.Red Baron
3.Air-Sea Battle – MP
4.Submarine Commander

Centipede PK
3.Centipede 2600
4.Millipede 2600

Black Widow PK
1.Black Widow
2.Space Duel – MP
3.Desert Falcon
4.Space War

Crystal Castles PK
1.Crystal Castles
2.Crystal Castles 2600
3.Surround – MP
4.Maze Craze

Gravitar PK
2.Gravitar 2600
3.Radar Lock
4.Demons to Diamonds – MP

Star Raiders PK
1.Star Raiders
3.Star Ship – MP
4.Human Cannonball

Pong PK
2.Pong – MP
3.Missile Command 2600
4.Fun with Numbers
5.Flag Capture MP

Lunar Lander PK
1.Lunar Lander
2.Sky Diver MP
3.Video Pinball
4.Code Breaker

Super Breakout PK
1.Super Breakout
2.Breakout MP
4.Circus Atari MP

Tempest PK
2.Tempest 2600
4.Atari Video Cube

Major Havoc PK
1.Major Havoc
2.Secret Quest
4.Yars’ Revenge

Warlords PK
1.Warlords MP
2.Warlords 2600
3.Combat MP
4.Combat 2 MP

Adventure PK
2.Haunted House
3.Return to Haunted House
4.Save Mary

3D Tic-Tac-Toe PK
1.3D Tic-Tac-Toe
2.A Game of Concentration
4.Brain Games

Fatal Run PK
1.Fatal Run
2.Dodge ‘Em
3.Night Driver
4.Street Racer – MP

Quadrun PK
2.Slot Racers – MP
3.Stellar Track
4.Math Grand Prix

Casino PK
1.Casino MP
2.Slot Machine
3.Video Checkers
4.Video Chess

Swordquest PK
1.Swordquest Earthworld
2.Swordquest Fireworld
3.Swordquest Waterworld

Championship Soccer PK
1.Championship Soccer MP
3.Double Dunk

Football PK
1.Football MP
2.Home Run
3.Miniature Golf

Realsports Basketball PK
1.Realsports Basketball mp
2.Realsports Boxing mp
3.Realsports Tennis mp
4.Realsports Baseball mp

Realsports Football PK
1.Realsports Football mp
2.Realsports Soccer mp
3.Realsports Volleyball mp
4.Video Olympics MP

Super Breakout 2600
1.Super Breakout 2600
2.Battlezone 2600
3.Super Baseball
4.Super Football

Hangman PK
2.Black Jack

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