Greetings from the home of Disney; how are things? For one AT&T customer in Orlando, Fla., things are moving along mighty fast. That’s because he’s suddenly getting access to AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

Androinica reader Cory M sent us a note last night that his Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket was suddenly being treated to blazing fast speeds. He performed a speed test and was receiving 12.67 Mbps down and 4.93 Mbps up, then sent along the screenshot to your left. The test was performed a few miles north of Orlando International Airport, but after doing some checking around, I’ve seen people reporting pockets of LTE coverage as far north as Oviedo and Altamonte Springs.

This doesn’t appear to be an official rollout just yet because Orlando hasn’t been named among the early LTE cities, nor has it been added to the AT&T network coverage map. As of now, no Florida city has received anything more than HSPA+ 4G. But when networks are being built and tested, you will find cases in which faster speeds appear before the “official” switch is turned on. The same thing happened when Sprint’s WiMax was rolling out to New York City last year; people were able to access the network weeks before its official debut.

AT&T previously stated that it hopes to cover 70 million people in 15 markets by the end of 2011, and Orlando is not among the markets previously named. However, the network may already be getting a jump on things. Is anyone else in Orlando able to access LTE? (Only LTE-capable products like the HTC Vivid and Jetstream, LG Nitro HD, or the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket will be able to know.)

Thanks, Cory!

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