Cricket customers have grace period before needing to move to a new phone and plan; Aio Wireless customers will see no changes

Just eight short months after agreeing to buy Leap Wireless, AT&T has closed the deal that brings the prepaid carrier under its big corporate umbrella. And if you were one of the few people who thought AT&T wouldn’t quickly mix things up after the purchase ended, you may be in for a little bit of change. Immediately after the close of the deal, AT&T is combining the newly-acquired Cricket brand (which Leap Wireless operated under) with its existing prepaid brand Aio Wireless as its sole prepaid offering.

Aside from a rebranding to using Cricket instead of Aio Wireless as the brand, not a whole lot is changing from a service perspective. Existing Cricket customers have a bit of a grace period to keep using their current phone, plan and number — once the integration is entirely complete, you will then visit a Cricket store and purchase a device and new plan that will transition them over to the AT&T network. That has the bonus of giving you a much larger and faster network, while keeping things less expensive and prepaid as Cricket customers are used to.

Current Aio Wireless customers will see no changes whatsoever aside from a new name on the website, and their devices and plans will remain the exact same. Presumably the integration with Cricket will boost the prepaid carrier’s overall speeds and coverage with the addition of new towers, customers and spectrum over time, but if you currently use Aio Wireless don’t worry about sweeping changes (at least for the near future).


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