A $ 45 data fee and $ 25 per line fee, gets 2GB of shared data, unlimited talk and text, 50GB of AT&T cloud, and unlimited international mesaging

Starting Sunday, March 9 — that’d be tomorrow if you’re reading this when it was written — AT&T is knocking $ 15 off of their Mobile Share Value plan data buckets. If you have one phone, that means you’ll be paying a total of $ 65 per month for: 2GB of data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 50GB of cloud storage, and free international messaging. Add a second line, and that total goes up to $ 90. I don’t want to step on any toes here, but you’ll basically be getting AT&T proper — as in customer service and billing, and full LTE speeds — for a price comparable to a service like Straight Talk or AIO. And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

AT&T tells us that these changes are for both new and exiting customers. It doesn’t matter how you got your phone if you’re an exiting customer — AT&T Next, BYOD, and even under-contract phones are eligible — and new customers can get the $ 40 data buckets if they choose to use AT&T Next (for an additional equipment fee) or sign a contract to get that subsidy (for an extra $ 40 per month).

CEO shenanigans and grandstanding aside, we love seeing this new trend of competition and back-and-forth from the major U.S. carriers. Each is forcing the others to cut prices or offer more services, and in the end it’s you and me who are the winner. And winning feels good.


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