Today is just a Nexus news kind of day. While trying to gain themselves some good press on their Google+ page (by linking to an Engadget article on how smartphones come to market), AT&T was swamped with a slew of comments on the Galaxy Nexus.

Comments about the Nexus are all over the place, ranging from desperate pleas, to demanding threats. And it’s finally got AT&T listening. They clearly don’t have any immediate plans to carry the Galaxy Nexus, saying that they “expected requests for this for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which we do not have any new information to share,” but they are willing to entertain the idea.

It’s buried inside AT&T’s original post on smartphone testing, but they are looking for a headcount on just how many people would buy the Galaxy Nexus, should Ma Bell decide to sell the device.

Out of curiosity how many of you are interested in the Galaxy Nexus? Please +1 this comment so we can see the demand here on Google+ so we can share interest here with our product teams. Thank you.AT&TGoogle+

Right now, around 1000 people have +1ed the post. It may not guarantee the Nexus’ release, but the more people that show their support for the device the better. We’ve already shared the post on the Android and Me Google+ page, so make sure you do the same.

To show your support for the Galaxy Nexus on AT&T, visit this Google+ post, and look for the comment a little ways down.

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