Android smartphones are indeed powerful devices. Owning one can also mandate many responsibilities. We tend to have our whole lives linked to these gadgets: bank accounts, email accounts (work and personal), social networks, Paypal, contacts, and the list goes on. The avast! app has been available in Beta for a while, but it’s now fully available and completely free.

We have recently touched on the idea that Android devices are not really in need of anti-virus applications. A Google employee mentioned that companies making these apps are “playing on your fears to try to sell you BS protection software for Android, RIM and iOS.” While the risk of viruses may not be as huge as it is for computers, there is still a small risk if you aren’t careful.

Android continues to grow, with 700 thousand activations a day, and is becoming one of the largest targets for the “bad guys.” This small risk might be becoming a big one soon enough. The guys from avast! do realize that mobile security is not solely focused on virus and malware, though. Android security is about many other things, like anti-theft (made possible by the acquisition of Theft-Aware) and parental controls, among other features.

I had the chance to attend a presentation held by avast! last week. I must say that I was much more impressed than I thought I would be. The Czech company has gone out of its way to cover every type of security issue that an Android device could have. It’s definitely one of the fullest security apps we’ve seen.

Some of the best features include anti-virus protection, privacy report (lets you know how many/which apps access your application permissions), browser protection, call and SMS filtering, and anti-theft solutions (including remote text commands, tracking, as well as locking and wiping). It even includes an app manager and, check this, root features.

Root features include a Firewall, which allows you to block any app of your choice. You can even install avast! software deep within your device’s guts. If you so choose, you can install the avast! software in the System files, which would allow you to keep tracking your device, even after a factory data reset. Impressive, right?

This should bring some good competition to current Android anti-virus solutions in the market. With more features than the competition for a much better price (free), you can’t go wrong. Check the comparison posted below to see how avast! is different in features and pricing:

When a smartphone is stolen, the owner’s number one desire is to get their device back intact and, secondly, to secure their private data. We’ve developed our avast! Free Mobile Security with these needs in mind – and at a price everyone can afford.Ondrej VlcekCTO of AVAST Software

Theft Aware is currently transferring their web remote features to work on its new mobile anti-virus app. So this part of the app is not quite ready yet. avast! assures us that it will be available during Q1 2012, though. So you won’t have to wait very long.

There’s much more to say about avast! Mobile Security, so expect a full review soon. If you want to go ahead and check out this software before we post our review, go ahead and download it. It doesn’t cost a penny to try it, and it’s definitely worth it.

Let us know what you think. If you have any questions or complaints, let us know, and we will contact the avast! team and cover everything we can in the full review.

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