Reddit went from being “that struggling site like Digg” to being that site that’s actually grew to be much larger and more popular (according to some traffic-monitoring sites). There’s an incredibly large and highly-engaged community around the link-and-photo-sharing site, as well as the topic-driven subreddits that keep people constantly checking back.

BaconReader has just arrived to become what’s arguably the best reddit Android app, and unequivocally the best-looking app. Available now for Android 1.6 and higher, BaconReader is a light, gorgeous application that organizes content exceptionally well. Aside from a large and rather annoying ad bar – removable through a $ 1.99 in-app upgrade – there’s really nothing to complain about from a visual standpoint. (Go to Menu > Settings > Remove Advertisements.)

Reading through BaconReader is pretty tasty as well. Not only can users get a well-organized presentation of each thread, there’s a control bar that can hide, save, share, or vote them up/down. Users can also turn off thumbnails, blacklist domains or keywords to prevent them from appearing, and get notifications for comments or replies.

All of the discussions, links, and trolling that makes reedit great are present in BaconReader. Members can manage which subreddits appear and switch views between the What’s Hot, New, Saved, etc., options. Browsing and posting are remarkably easy, and the overall performance of the app is stellar. The only complaints I can levy are that ad bar (again, upgrade to ditch it) and the “Preview” button for loading link content in BaconReader is painfully slow. It’s better to just follow the URL and go about your business. The app loads posts in an acceptable amount of time, but getting rid of thumbnails will accelerate load times

I won’t proclaim BaconReader to be the best reddit client because I haven’t used them all and I know that people are very particular about the way apps meet their tastes. But to be honest, after using this app for half a day, the others will have to really impress me. BaconReader is practically everything that I would expect or want from a reddit Android app.

  • Color coded comment threads
  • Easy to use, full featured inbox
  • Rageface and look of disapproval support
  • Search for new subreddits based on name or keyword and subscribe to them

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