A sign of the changing ways we’re watching television shows

After recent speculation, today the BBC has officially announced its plans to close down BBC Three as a broadcast television station and move it to an online only affair. The move – subject to approval – will reinvent the channel as a BBC iPlayer only offering. Ultimately the closure comes as part of a cost-saving and restructuring effort, but BBC Three was chosen it seems based on its target demographic; the young folks.

The iPlayer is a key part of the future for public service broadcasting. It’s the gateway for people who increasingly want to watch and listen to what they want, when they want it – on tablets, on mobiles as well as other screens. I am sure that this is going to be increasingly important for our younger audiences. And reaching those audiences is vital for the BBC.

Besides saving the Beeb the money it obviously needs, it’s also a sign of the changing times, of how we’re starting to get more and more of our TV content. With the likes of the iPlayer, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and so on readily available, we’re spoiled for choice.


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