Belkin Outrigger for Moto G

A little chunky, but offers some full-on protection for your Moto G


What we’ve got here is a pretty heavy-duty case for your Moto G. Belkin isn’t the first name I’d think of when choosing phone protection, but what we have in the Outrigger is something that can certainly protect your phone against those accidental – perhaps even child related – drops and bangs.

The Outrigger is a solely silicon construction, but has some pretty hefty thickness around the sides. Getting the phone in is easy enough since you can flex it around a little, but getting it out again does pose some troubles. The Moto G snaps in so snug that pulling it out often also results in tearing the back cover off as well. It doesn’t cause any damage, it’s just awkward.

If you’re buying a case though, chances are you’re buying it to put it on and leave it on. I won’t lie, the Outrigger is definitely a function over fashion item. It’s really chunky, but it is translucent which means that you can still see the color of your Moto G from beneath it. The sides of the case are reinforced with a plastic ‘beam,’ which keeps things rigid where it matters. The Outrigger also protrudes beyond the front of the phone enough that you can lay it face down without having to worry about getting any nasty scuffs or scratches on the screen.

All told it’s a pretty simple case. And a pretty heavy duty one. The only main complaint is that it’s tougher to get off than it is to get on. But it certainly offers some pretty heavy duty protection for your Moto G.


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